Our Company
"Our Creation, Your Legacy"

PT Pacific Furniture is a key manufacturing facility in Indonesia that specializes in mixed media for both indoor and outdoor spaces. We carry the leadership team’s four decades of knowledge and expertise in the field. By nurturing long-standing partnerships with leading furniture companies in Europe, the Americas, and Asia-Pacific, we have set industry standards on manufacturing capabilities and design execution.

Strategically being located in Indonesia, PTPF has access to a large selection of natural and synthetic materials. We have leveraged the best machine efficiency that complements traditional techniques and craftsmanship mastery. With design capabilities and attention to quality, we ensure that we provide the solution to the specialized needs and requirements of our clients all over the world.


PT Pacific Furniture (PTPF) was established in 2012 in Semarang, Indonesia, founded by a leadership team with four decades of combined expertise in the woodworking industry.

Today, PTPF has grown to a facility that delivers up to 50 containers a month, continuing to offer premium material skill sets and design solutions that are in line with various international standards.


To passionately develop our culture in the relentless pursuit of excellence in crafting furniture and furnishings by being creative and innovative.


To produce, market and trade the best product to meet customer requirement.


Being a global participant, PT Pacific Furniture sets itself apart by being dedicated in complying with the import and export regulations:

• FSC: Forest Stewardship Council Compliant
• CTPAT: Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism Compliant
• V-Legal Documents and FLEGT License (for the European Union) Compliant
• Lacey Act
• Law Label
• TSCA VI Materials