Sustainable Material Resources

Utilizing Indonesia’s biodiversity, PTPF is able to offer wide material set in both the field of indoor and outdoor furniture. The location allows us to leverage materials all around Asia and incorporate these into the best furniture. These opportunities are conducive to creating great yet sustainable products.

Automated Machineries

Geared towards high production efficiency, shorter lead time and competitive pricing, PTPF has adapted the use of highly automated equipment while strategically incorporating manual labor to maintain craftsmanship as the same time.

Premium Finishing System

Collaborating with leading global suppliers of paints and coatings gives PTPF access to extensive range of top of the line finishes and specialty coatings to protect and enhance wood, metal and other industrial materials.

In-House Facility for Upholstery

With accessibility to reliable foam and fabric suppliers, PTPF is able to provide upholstery solutions engineered according to our clients’ requirements.